Creating Winning Team

In the words of Tom Peters, “Most employees are motivated, energetic, committed, enthusiastic and loyal … except for the 8 hours a day they work for you!”

Isn’t that interesting? How often do we come across people who are just not producing the desired results at work even though everyone knows that they can do more?

Good leaders will always ask the question “what am I currently doing that I should be doing to get more out of my team?” to try to find the way forward. Here are some thoughts that you may want to keep in mind when you’re evaluating how effective your leadership is at creating motivated team members:

1. Strong Leadership. The strength of the leader(s) in any organization provides the number one motivation for people to succeed. Leaders who inspire through their actions, behavior and discipline are what we’re looking for here.

2. Common Goal. Does your team have one singular goal that unites them? A single, important and well communicated goal that benefits everybody creates a focus for everyone’s actions. It provides the reason WHY they do what they do.

3. Rules of the Game. Set your expectations on what your team members can or cannot do upfront. Communicate them clearly and regularly as often as you can. This way, no guess work as far as what is acceptable behavior or not.

4. Action Plan. A strong action plan allows everyone to know WHO is supposed to do WHAT by WHEN. It is about accountability and follow through to get the tasks done. Create new plans every 90 days to keep your team focused.

5. Support Risk Taking. If we expect our company to grow, it is inevitable that your team members will have to do things they’ve never done before. This is when  your support truly counts. Being there with and for them shows them that you care and are interested in their growth as well.

6. 100% Involvement / Inclusion. If you want a winning team, you need every single member of the team participating 100% in what’s going on. You need to make sure that everyone gives the same high effort. It’s the job of the leader to include everybody, and the job of the team member to involve themselves.

How about this quote from the World Cup winning player from Spain, Cesc Fabregas, who unlike at his club side Arsenal where he is captain of and plays virtually every game, was uncertain to play in the World Cup final match:

“If I’m lucky enough to get a start I will give everything I have. If I’m not in the team, I will know deep down that Spain winning the World Cup is more important than Cesc Fabregas starting the game or not. So I will still be 100 per cent behind the boys who do go out there. And I will be thinking about what I will do, what I must do if I come on.”

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Marvin Suwarso

Marvin Suwarso Business Coach ActionCOACH

Marvin’s no stranger to succes as business owner, a competitive player in the corporate world, and as a coach in the sports field… With a unique combination of experiences, Marvin has the fortune of being able to combine his biggest passions in life through Business Coaching. He owns several businesses and has extensive corporate experience in multinational companies both here and in the USA. His passion for coaching is apparent through his involvement as the Head Coach for two clubs in Indonesia’s Premier Soccer League and his work in youth player development. Graduating with an MBA Degree in Marketing & Finance from Penn State University, his leadership and attention to quality is apparent in his coaching skills with his team and his clients.

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