Thinking of Starting a New Business

Being your own boss always sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

Being your own boss always sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?
“There’s only so much of my life that I can spend working for other people and making them rich!”
Truer words were never spoken. So with all your enthusiasm, you resign from your job, come up with a brilliant business idea, round up a few brave souls and off you go on your adventure…
Before you do, you may want to heed the advice from Ken Blanchard’s book the One Minute Entrepreneur in which he stated that there are four things to remember to be an entrepreneur:

  1. Your sales have to exceed your expenses. Many new business owners fall into the trap of wanting to look the part before they are actually generating any real cash flow. Get customers first before you get your fancy name cards and nice coffee for the office!
  2. Collect your bills. Cash is the lifeblood of any business. It’s no use making lots of sales if you’re not collecting the payment from your customers. You can bet that your bankers and other creditors will be knocking on your door with increasing regularity if you don’t pay up!
  3. Take care of your customers. Take the time to make sure that your customers are taken care of as well as guests in your home., The biggest reason why customers leave is perceived indifference. Remember, they are the ones paying for your business and lifestyle, so take good care of them!
  4. Take care of your people. Make sure that you make the required investment, be it emotional, time or financial, to grow your team as they are the ones making your business run. Nurture them, empower them and give them a sense of ownership. Your business is your people!

Enjoy the application of these points in your businesses!

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Marvin Suwarso

Marvin Suwarso Business Coach ActionCOACH

Marvin’s no stranger to succes as business owner, a competitive player in the corporate world, and as a coach in the sports field… With a unique combination of experiences, Marvin has the fortune of being able to combine his biggest passions in life through Business Coaching. He owns several businesses and has extensive corporate experience in multinational companies both here and in the USA. His passion for coaching is apparent through his involvement as the Head Coach for two clubs in Indonesia’s Premier Soccer League and his work in youth player development. Graduating with an MBA Degree in Marketing & Finance from Penn State University, his leadership and attention to quality is apparent in his coaching skills with his team and his clients.

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