A Swimmer or A Walker

On weekends, I catch a few laps in the indoor swimming pool at my fitness center. This particular time, I was about to meet someone who taught me a lesson on putting limits on life.

She was in her mid-40s swimming by herself carefully near the edge of the pool. As I went through my routine of coasting freestyle lap after lap, I noticed her rather “interesting” style of swimming. Here’s the comparison. People typically swim from one end to another at their own pace. Some go fast, some go slow. Some do freestyle, many do breast stroke. But this woman… she walked.

She started at the end of the pool and walked to a point around 5 meters out and then stopped. Then she carefully turned around, faced the end of the pool and swam back. Once she reached the end, she turned around again and walked out to the same 5 meter point. Again, she’d then turn around and swim back.

Watching her do this over and over again, I asked her, “Excuse me, why do you swim like that?” Yes, I was pretty straightforward. She then turned to me and said, “Because I’m not strong. I can’t swim further than this, and I get tired easily. So I walk out to make sure I swim the distance that I can do.” Intending to encourage her, I suggested, “Well, that makes sense, but you may be able to build up your stamina. Just swim as far out as you can and you’ll see that you’ll be able to reach farther and farther.”

She looked at me with a smile of disbelief… “Oh, no! I can’t possibly do that,” she said with a light giggle and continued, “What if I exceed my 5 meters?!!”

Isn’t that interesting? Yes, what if YOU exceeded your own limit? What if you could do more than what you’ve always set yourself up to do? What if there’s more courage in you that you ever thought possible?

What if?

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Cynthia Wihardja Busines Coach ActionCOACH

Cynthia Wihardja Busines Coach ActionCOACH

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