1. Instant Brochures
Put together powerful brochures that prompt your prospects to take ACTION now.
2. Instant Business Cards and Letterheads
Design business stationery that looks great and adds to your bottom-line.
3. Instant Classified Advertising
Create effective classified advertisements that get noticed, and acted upon.
4. Instant Direct Mail
Create powerful sales letters that get read and acted upon.
5. Instant Flyers
Design flyers that will get the attention of your prospects and make them take action.
6. Instant Host Beneficeries
Learn how to approach other businesses and how to come up with offers that encourages their database to deal with you. You will find a collection of host beneficiary ideas to get you on track.
7. Instant Loyalty Strategies
Learn how to put together strategies that work, without making a hole in your pocket. You will also find a selection of developed strategies to choose from.
8. Instant Newsletters
Produce a newsletter, which not only gets read, but leads to increased sales.
9. Instant Point of Sale
Learn what it takes to produce a Point Of Sale System, which generates increased sales.
10. Instant Press Advertising
Make your ads work. Also find a selection of powerful ads to get you started.
11. Instant Press Release
Learn how to write an effective and powerful press release and supporting documentation.
12. Instant Quotes
Put together quote forms and follow up scripts – you’ll also have a new process to start testing.
13. Instant Radio Campaigns
Put together a powerful radio commercial that gets noticed, and acted upon.
14. Instant Referral Strategies
Learn how to get tons of referrals – you will also have a selection of strategies so you can get started right away.
15. Instant Scripts 08
Learn how to put together scripts that sound natural and lead to a sale more often than anything you’ve ever tried before.
16. Instant Strategic Alliances
Learn how to set up this type of strategic alliance for your business.
17. Instant Testing and Measuring
Learn which marketing campaigns to kill, or improve, and which to spend more money on.
18. Instant Yellow Pages
Learn how to make an ad in Yellow Pages stand out and work.
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