You are created in perfect design to live your purpose in life.

I am inspired to write this for me and anyone who have found themselves caught in the middle of a sharp turn in their lives or their business. When you find yourself caught in the middle of a tidal wave and nothing seems to go right… when you life gets interrupted unexpectedly… find your center.

First and most important step is FORGIVENESS. Forgive the situation, forgive the people involved, and most importantly forgive YOURSELF. What you have now is a result of your past decisions, some you may not have been proud of. But it’s done. People make the best decisions based on the resources they have at the moment. You made the best decision at that time… those around you did too. Holding on to past anchors and regrets will weigh you down. Cut off old blames especially those towards yourself. A new energy will arise after self forgiveness. And it is with this energy that you can proceed to the next step.

Second step is FALL IN LOVE. Fall in love with yourself. Who am I? What are my passions? What is my vision and values? Get clear… get real clear. Take time to find your core, the center of your very being, your purpose. If you never thought about it, now is the time. Pick up self help books and just have fun discovering about the world of YOU. And love yourself. This is who you are. Treat yourself for being YOU.

Third step, FORWARD. Based on what you have discovered about you, take steps forward. It may be taking a new direction… or maybe giving yourself a second chance at the same direction. Feel good about trying new things and treat life as a game. What if it’s all a game? Don’t sweat the small stuff … and YES, it’s all small stuff! You don’t think so? Hmmm… what if it were? How relaxed would your shoulders be? How peaceful would your life be? How fun would new things be?

If you find the 3rd F difficult, I’ll throw in the fourth F… FAKE IT till you make it. Yes, fake it! If moving forward means you are going to be more thoughtful of other people, and it’s difficult to change now… then FAKE IT. Pretend you’re an actor playing the part of someone thoughtful. How would your body language be? What would you say? Mind and body are one. Just fake the body language and your mind will eventually follow.

To all my friends who have ever experienced sharp turns… I am with you. Find your center… this is the time to recollect, refresh, rediscover… Be grateful of this moment because it will prepare you for something better in the future.

Quoting Nick Vuljicic: You are created in perfect design to live your purpose in life.

My friends, our life has been perfectly designed to prepare us to contribute better, live better, and help others better.

God Bless.

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Cynthia Wihardja Busines Coach ActionCOACH

Cynthia Wihardja Busines Coach ActionCOACH

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