BRAD’S RULE #19 Watch what Direct Response Adevertisers are Doing and Plagiarize

When you see a direct-response ad that runs ‘again and again and again’, you know there is something important about that advertisement.

It’s making a profit for the advertiser. It’s working.

Whenever you see an ad like that, study it. Pull it apart. Figure out what the advertiser is doing. Find out the techniques that he is using?

It makes no difference what this advertiser is selling. It works even better if it’s something totally unrelated to your business. If you steal something this advertiser is doing that works, he won’t object. You aren’t competing with him.

Dozens of highly-paid copywriters are working with direct-response advertisers who are spending millions of dollars testing different ways of selling. You can access a lot of this expensive information for free by studying what they do that works.

Remember: only direct response advertisers (and retailers) know whether their ads work or not. Other advertisers may run pretty ads, compelling ads, attractive ads, etc. They can spend thousands of dollars in research to gain an approximate measure of the impact their ads are having.

Only direct-response advertisers can count the sales. The market tells them its opinion of the ad immediately. In the only coin that counts: cash.

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