BRAD’S RULE #16 Make Your Advertisement Look Like Editorial Content

Make Your Advertisement Look Like Editorial Content

People read newspapers and magazines to read the editorial.

They’re not interested in your ad – it’s up to you to interest them.

One way is to make your ad look as though it’s an article in that publication. Tests prove again and again that editorial-style ads out pull ads that look like ads.

Match the headline and body copy typefaces as precisely as you can.

You’ll probably be asked to put the word “Advertisement” across the top of the advertisement.

Don’t let the publication do that for you.

They’re likely to make the word Advertisement big and bold and noticeable.

First, check whether that’s a requirement. In some publications, it’s not.

If it is, make the word in 6 or 7 point type and use a light sans serif font so that the word is as unobtrusive as possible.

If they think that’s too small and change it, use 8-point next time until you find the smallest, lightest, least obtrusive typeface they’ll accept.

Nobody’s fooled.  Readers quickly realize it’s an ad, not a story.  But by the time they do, many of them have been hooked.

And if you write the ad like a story – even though it’s a story about your business – the hook will “sink in” even deeper.

– Brad Sugars –

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