Life’s a Bubble


Relax. All you need is already within you.

Nina sits by the sidewalk with a small bucket of soap water and a piece of wire bent in a loop on a warm summer day. She dips the wire in the bucket and rushes to blow bubbles out of the wire. One puff… two puffs… with every puff, each bubble breaks before it even reaches half size. Frustrated and impatient, the girl pouts… yet so determined, she continues to plunge the wire into the soap water and keeps puffing out broken bubbles one by one by one.

“I’ll never make it,” she finally says with a teary sigh, “it’s too hard with this wire.”

So she goes off to her neighbor and borrows a longer wire which she twirls into another loop. She quickly plunges the loop into the water and gives it another puff. Pop!! Broken again even before she starts. And again and again!

Then she got it! “It’s the water,” she says,”We need more soap!!” So she runs home and fetches a cup of detergent to mix into the water. Mix it up till the water had more suds. Plunge back the wire! Huffing and puffing this time! POP!! Give it another go… POP!! and POP!! and ANOTHER POP!!

“Aaaarrghh…,” she yells, “what’s wrong with this stuff?!!” She throws down the wires and the bucket, covers her face, and sits on the sidewalk crying.

Just at this moment, Mom came out to call her in for a lemonade. Seeing her slouched on the sidewalk, Mom came to the rescue, “What’s wrong, baby?” “I don’t wanna talk about it,” Nina huffs and turns her face away…

Mom knows her baby so well. She picks up the bucket and the wire and with a gentle dip and a calm blow… out comes the most exquisite bubble out of the loop… and another one… and another one… Three bubbles fly out of the wire into the air catching color from the sunlight as it floats towards Nina. “There you go, baby…” says Mom.

“How’d ya do that? I’ve been trying all day,” Nina asks in fascination. “Gently,” says Mom, “Don’t force it… everything you need is within you.” Mom takes the second wire and gives it to Nina. “Now just dip it slowly into the bucket… slowly now… like this,” Mom says as she demonstrates with her own wire. Nina follows her rhythm. “Now blow it out… gently… slowly,” Mom whispers as she blows a bubble out gently. Nina follows the gentle pace and … out… comes … a … bubb….POP!

“Not again!!” she cries. “Try again, Nina… slower… easy does it,” says Mom. Nia slowly tries again and this time… out comes a bubble, round and pure… floating out freely from the wire into the warm sunny sky.

“I did it!” Nina screams in delight. A warm sunny day it was, a girl and her mom blowing bubbles to cheer up the summer sky.

Are we striving towards our goals with tension and rush … or are we finding the rhythm and moving towards it with ease? Relax. All you need is already within you.

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