Are You Happy With Your Results?

Are You Happy With Your Results

Interestingly, for the small minority people out there – those who are actually getting better results than the majority, their way of thinking is fundamentally different.

How many times have you attended a training / seminar / workshop or read books / blogs /articles that tells you clearly what you need to do to improve your business? How often have you walked away thinking “wow, that’s great stuff! I’ll just put all these things in place and my business will be flying!” only to look back a year later and notice that after an initial period of intensive application, nothing has really changed in the long term?

Isn’t it interesting to note that most people were brought up by the following sequence:

  • If you study hard at university, you will get a good job and that will make you happy.
  • If you eat your vegetables, you will get to have desert and that will make you feel happy.
  • If you apply the basic business principles in your business, you will get business results and you will be proud to be a business owner.

If you look closely at the sequences above, you will not a similar pattern of DO, HAVE and then BE. Do these things and you will have something that will make you feel a certain way. Hmm, isn’t that interesting. We are only given permission to feel better about ourselves or think that we are better only if we can do certain things well. In other words, they are tying their identity or self worth to their results.

Interestingly, for the small minority people out there – those who are actually getting better results than the majority, their way of thinking is fundamentally different. They feel a certain way first, determinedly execute the actions because of it and then achieve their spectacular results.

Take a look at successful people like Steve Jobs of Apple, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and Michael Jordan of basketball fame. All of them start with a strong sense of identity (they firmly believe in their hearts that they are going to be successful at whatever it is they choose to do) and because of that it is easy for them to be persistent at what they do to get the results they desire. In other words, they follow the simple formula of BE x DO = HAVE.

Their identity provides them the passion to execute consistently to achieve results.

Have a look at your identity. Is it behind your results so it is holding you back from achieving better results? Or is it ahead of your results and is making you feel that whatever you achieve is never enough?

If you’re feeling like you don’t deserve the success that you’re getting or that you’re out of your depth, then your identity is behind your results. Spend some time to improve your BE. Have a look at what your beliefs and values are and if they are in alignment with your identity. Things like visualization and verbalization would be worthwhile exercises to improve your identity here. Shake up your environment to stretch your comfort zone to be the person you need to be to get the results you want.

If you’re feeling like you never can achieve enough or everything you do is not good enough, then your identity is ahead is of your results. If your identity is slightly ahead of your results, then it can be a good thing as you will then feel like the last 100 meters of a long distance run – but if your identity is so far ahead of your results, you will feel that nothing is good enough and you have such a big task ahead of you – and can be frustrating to you and the people around you. Taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate your little wins will help you enjoy your ride more and give you more time to pick out the key skills that you could work on to be more effective.

Enjoy the application of this framework in your life and business!

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