The Story of Joe Know

The Story of Joe Know

Joe learned one of the most important lessons of his life that day…

Here’s a story about Joe Know.  Joe knows a lot of things and always on the quest to know more.  He’s always the first one in the library when it opens, he attends every seminar about every topic in the market and takes the front-most seat in every event.

After each day, Joe sits and collects every single new thing that he knows, organizes his notes for the day, and files them all into a nice neat pack.  There are times when he gets a big huge headache because there’s too much knowledge, but as Joe would say, “It’s ok.  My brain is just making new space.”

After all that, he usually sends all his notes to all his friends to let them know how much he knows.  Actually Joe has a good heart.  He wants to share his knowledge around and help people be better.

The next day, he’s off to find new knowledge to feed his mind.  That’s positive Joe Know.  Always in the search to know know know.  And he spends so much time doing that every day, that he doesn’t really have any time to implement his knowledge in his business, his life, and his finances.

After a while, his resources begin to thin out.  All the money he spent on getting new knowledge… all the time he spent going to the library and researching new topics.  All the investment he made in time and money on sending information to his friends and sharing the knowledge.  At the end of the day, he felt tired as well and frustrated that nothing’s changed in his life, his business, and his finances.

Nearing the point of giving up, Joe gets a call from his friend, Mac Action.  Mac was ecstatic.  “Joe,” he said, “you are my savior. You’ll never guess what happened!”  Joe felt a sudden spark of energy and asked the question, “What happened, Mac?”

Mac then told the story. “Joe, remember the business book summary that you sent us 6 months ago?  You know, the one about marketing and sales and how to get more profits?  I love it when you send us those things.  You are like a walking library.  Well, I took those strategies and implemented 5 of them in my business and over the last 6 months, my cashflow just soared.  And today… and today, Joe… unbelievable!!! I used the sales script that you sent us 3 months ago to close this multi-million dollar deal.  And dang… it worked like a charm!  I got a deal for 6 million dollars!!! You are a genius! Thank you so much.”

Joe told Mac how happy he was for him, but in his heart there is a lot of frustration.  You see, Mac and Joe are in similar businesses.  They both do the same type of services.  Joe, in his abundance, has shared so much to his friends even to the point that he didn’t have the time to do it himself.  Mac, on the other hand, didn’t even have time to read all of the things he got, but he implemented 5 strategies and 1 sales script… and won himself $6 million dollars.

Joe learned one of the most important lessons of his life that day… Positive Knowledge and Positive Thinking without Positive Action gets you Positively Nothing!!!

Let’s take ACTION!!

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