The Business Owner who Did not Know

The Business Owner who did not know


Where my customers come from, I do not know

For all I know, they come and go

I pay for ads, I send some mail

I spend a fortune to no avail

I hope they come, I hope and pray

But will they come? I dare not say

I’ve paid a lot and that makes me worry

But how do I make them come in a hurry?

My cash is thin, my profit low

All because of these things I do not know

At night I think before I sleep

Is this a business I can really keep?

Business Owners, Marketing is not done by FEELING.  Marketing is FACTS and MATH.  Before you spend another dollar on your marketing, do you know what strategies are actually working?  What is your ROI for that strategy?  How to optimize your Acquisition Cost & increase your Lifetime Value?

Where are your customers coming from?  Why are they still buying?  What makes them loyal?  What makes them leave?

How detailed is your test and measure every day, week, month (whatever your measurement period)?  How do you use that data to make future marketing decisions and stop wasting money on bad strategies?

Business Owners, it’s time to get solid returns on every dollar you spend on marketing.  Marketing should not be an EXPENSE.  It should be an INVESTMENT where every dollar you spend gets you MORE!!

Now that you have 344 proven marketing strategies from the Action system, it’s time to sit down with your coach and sharpen your test and measure.  That’s how you get fast results!

– Marvin Suwarso –

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