Your Employees Don’t Actually Work for You…

“What??” you say, “And I’ve been paying them all this time?” Yep!  It sucks, eh?  Breaking news! Employees neither work for your company nor for you.  At least the good ones don’t.  Your whole vision of being the #1 in the industry… having a more profitable company… being the best in this and that… well, they only get YOU excited… but not your employees.

Fact is… if you ask them what they really want, they’ll answer that they want a better life.  Your company is just a vehicle for them to get that.  They have trusted you to lead them to a better way to increase their lifestyle to fit their future needs.

So who do they really work for? Employees work for themselves and their families.

So if they work for themselves and their families, why do you use the company goals to motivate them?  Do you think it’s a deep enough motivation to keep them going?   Do you find that morale goes up and down?  Do you have to re-motivate them all the time?

If you find that you keep re-motivating your employees, it means you haven’t reached the core of their internal motivation.  Dig to the core.  Find out what they want to achieve in life.  What is it that they will do with the money they will earn from your company?  Surprisingly, many of them are not clear themselves.  That’s why their motivation fluctuates.  How can you be motivated by a goal you aren’t even clear of?

So first step… help them clarify their goals.  Yes, it means sitting with each of your direct reports one by one to understand the personal WHY behind what they’re doing.  It means helping them clarify it if it is blurry for them.  And help them chunk down the steps to reaching it.  “How much commission do you need to earn monthly to achieve that down payment on your dream house?  What would that mean in terms of number of new customers?  So how many prospects do you need to visit weekly and daily?”

Better make sure all positions have some kind of variable income based on performance.  No!! Don’t tie it all up to an annual bonus based on sales.  Tie it up to goals they can have direct control over.  Logistics people have no control over sales; base their goals on inventory days or such targets like that.  Office boys don’t control profits; base their goals on cost saving on office supplies or something like that.  There are easy ways to make clear performance indicators for each position in the company. The goal is to get everyone a sense that they can make more money somehow to speed up their personal goal achievement.  And making more money for themselves is related to making more money for the company. And it’s within their direct control.

Easy?  It’s simple, but implementing it may not be easy…

Good luck!  You know who to call if you need help… 021 2567 5775

Cynthia Wihardja

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