Choice kills success

A young man grows up wanting to be a drummer in a rock band.  As usual, his parents disagree.  “You should go to school, get a good job in a big company, and be a successful professional.”  That’s how you make money and be “successful” right?

So young man purposely drops out of school and over the course of a few years, collects tattoos all over his body… climbing up his neck and down his arms.  He covers most of his body with tattoos to the point that even if he wears a long sleeve shirt, his tattoos would show.  No chance at a corporate job, I guess.  After all, he looks like an ex-convict.

Despite his furious parents, he persisted.  Without any hope of landing a “proper” corporate job, he has no choice but to succeed in his dream.  He became the drummer of a famous rock band.  True story!

So the moral of the story???  What tattoos are you going to get for yourself to ensure you have no choice but to succeed?  Is your dream of a GREAT LIFE held back by the comfort of your GOOD LIFE??

Think about it.  Many of us don’t push ourselves hard enough, or protest when other people push us.  Yet, we wish for a better life, better business, better everything.  Here’s a tip:  All your dreams lie outside of your comfort zone.  If they are within your comfort zone, you’d probably achieve them already.  They are beyond your current knowledge, your current action, and maybe even beyond your current environment.

So are you wishing … or are you willing to work at getting a BETTER LIFE/BUSINESS/EVERYTHING???

The next time your Coach pushes you out of your comfort zone, just say THANKS.

Cynthia Wihardja

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