Monitoring Results is not enough!
What are the critical activities in the business that keeps your team focused, motivated, and gets the results you want?

It’s 8 am.  Emilie is on her way to the office.  She owns a medium-size business with a team of 20 people.  They are achieving average results and have a lot of opportunities to improve.  Today is going to be different, thanks to a session with her Business Coach about Critical Drivers.

All this time, Emilie focused only on the end result, sales & profits.  She spent many sleepless nights worrying and stressing that her end-results have not been achieved.

Her Business Coach, Marvin, asked: “What activities contribute to the achievement of sales & profits? How and how often must you monitor them?”  A light turned on in Emilie’s head.  Activities?  She never monitors activities.  “I don’t care how you do it, just get the results!” was her way with the team.  Some did it, some didn’t! Maybe monitoring those activities could be a good idea.

Together, Marvin helped Emilie map out the activities (Critical Drivers) that gets to the results.  Number of leads researched, # of cold calls made, conversion rate to appointments, # of appointments / week, # of proposals sent, etc.  With her new test & measure in hand, she enters the office and starts her morning briefing.  They set a daily target for each Critical Driver and there’s a new sense of FOCUS in the team.  “Finally, Ms Emilie,” says her secretary, “clear direction!!”

It’s gonna be a great day!

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