Why The Amount of new Business I am Getting is Dropping?


Hi Brad, I have a very niche business servicing owners of golf courses. To reach these people I need to advertise – and I do the same pretty much year after year. I have been noticing that the amount of new business I am getting is dropping. Any advice here? Thanks, TM

Brad Sugars answers

Great question … There could be multiple reasons for the drop in response in advertising that once worked, no longer does.

There is a reason why great ads get changed every year. People will eventually block out the message because they have seen the message so many times. If you are a regular advertiser for years – I would be going and negotiating some editorial or a giveaway or competition to subscribers to renew attention to your brand and offer. Maybe the reach (circulation, audience) has changed at the places where you advertise.

Have you checked with the places where you advertise? Maybe they have an online newsletter that is read more than their magazine. Ask how can you get an advertising package that taps in this new way people choose to get their information.

I have written a few articles on the subject … please take a look here …

Entrepreneur Magazine: Make the Most of Your Advertising Dollars

Maybe even contact one of my coaches … they offer a free ad critique and maybe they will see something you are just not seeing about why your ads are no longer working.

All the best,

Brad Sugars

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