If It Doesn’t Save Me Energy, Time, and Money… I Won’t Follow It!

If It Doesn’t Save Me Energy, Time, and Money… I won’t follow it

That’s what your employees are thinking.  That’s why the big thick book of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) is only sitting on the shelf looking pretty.  That’s why people are still following their own way of working instead of working based on your system.

The word SYSTEM stands for:

Saving Your Self Time Energy & Money.

And if your system doesn’t do that, your employees will not follow it.  You can spend as much money as you’d like on your SOP, but they still won’t follow it.  Think about it… would YOU follow something that makes you work harder?

So here is the challenge for business leaders:  How to make my system PRACTICAL, FUN, HELPFUL, & EASILY ACCESSIBLE?

Here are just some common beliefs about systems and some questions that may help you think out of the box.

  1. A business will run well if it has proper systems.  I don’t disagree with this, but is that all that it needs?  Are your people robots or do they want to work at something that has meaning?  The best way to get your people to buy into your system is to share with them the meaning of their work, of your business, of your vision.  Get people with a common vision to work with you and following a system becomes a natural thing to do.
  2. Systems have to be in text form.  Boring!!! Did you know that people absorb information in different ways?  Some are visuals; they need pictures, diagrams, colors, visuals.  Some are auditory; audio recordings, testimonials, sounds would be good.  Some others are kinesthetic; they need to touch, feel, and do on the job activities.   Think about a more creative way to create systems in your organization.
  3. Only the leaders can revise the system.  Who has a better understanding of what actually goes on in the field?  You or the team?  In ActionCOACH, our system uses a WIKI platform whereby any coach anywhere around the world can suggest revisions in the system based on his/her experience.  What an awesome way to tap into global knowledge.
  4. Only educated people understand systems.  That means your system is TOO COMPLICATED! If you have simple people working for you, then how can you make it idiot-proof?

There are perhaps other beliefs you have about systems.  Learn from our coaches how to create an effective and practical system that achieves your goals, instead of just looking pretty on the shelf.

– Cynthia Wihardja –

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