Owners, Fire Yourself Out of Your Business!

Owners, Fire Yourself Out of Your Business!

Do you find yourself being the center of attention in any meeting with suppliers, customers, or strategic partners?  If you are the star, so what is your staff? Do you feel frustrated with staff who are not proactive, only do what they’re told, always depending on you for decisions, and unable to think strategically?

Do you find yourself giving bigger discounts for your products / services to your “special” customers?  Do you find your customers always ask to speak to you instead of your staff? Are you the only person breaking the rules in your own company?

If you feel any of the above, it’s time to do what the title of this article says and FIRE yourself out of your business.

Can your business be more profitable without you being there?

With the right process in place, it can.

Many owners are their own stumbling blocks.  Don’t get me wrong!  You have good intentions.  You want to lead by example, you want to guide your staff to perform… but when you have quite a mature team of people, it’s time to let go. Many owners are good at building businesses, but not very good at running them.  Many of us are too keen to move on and build another business, and we need stable employees to help us run the existing ones consistently.

For many of you, your business still needs you… For some of you, your business can do without you.  For the latter, learn to let go.

Learn to align yourself with your successors in terms of vision and culture.  Learn to be clear on your expectations and set a goal for them to convince you that they are ready.  Learn to take a backseat in decision making.  Learn to appreciate the new technology and ideas that the younger generation may bring.  Learn to change your title from “Managing Director” to “Owner.”

It will save you a lot of frustration and hassle in the long run.

For those of you who are at this stage, congratulations!!  The future is fun for you.  You’ve built your business; now it’s time to enjoy.  I hope you can let go quick enough to take advantage of it.

– Coach Cyn –

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