My Team is not as Good as Me


I own and operate a local courier/delivery service. I say operate because I do 30-40% of deliveries, which is my biggest problem!! As amount of business increases, I need more drivers to cover the deliveries. Most are not real fast and in need of a lot of training to maintain the service reputation we have, therefore I do the deliveries myself to maintain profit margins. How do I hire more drivers without lowering my profits?


Brad Sugars answers

You raise several interesting questions. My first instinct as to what the problem might be is the fact that your system for getting the deliveries done quickly is mostly in your head. You haven’t written it down for the other drivers to understand.

You obviously have expertise at the business patterns of the day and routes through your town or city. To get a driver as efficient as you, you have to train them to your level of expertise.

Remember that you can’t hire a perfect team member but there are factors that are important. Work ethic and desire to serve have to be determined before you hire, most everything else can be taught.

So the answer lies in systematizing your expertise, in written form, so your new hires can be trained to work the same way you do.

Without a deeper understanding of your particular business, I don’t know exactly what that will involve, but I suspect, more control at job dispatch, procedures for sequencing deliveries and pick-ups, establishing standards of performance based on your best practices.

Truly great businesses get exceptional results from ordinary people using great systems, so write everything down that you are doing well and train your people to do it the same way.

The intelligence has to be in your systems.

Your problem is not unlike thousands of other businesses that find that they rely on the owner or one key employee for product or service delivery — but, at the same time, is unique to your business.

If your business is to really grow, and become more profitable you need to develop systems. You can gain even more insight to building systems that work for your business in “Instant Systems“.

Basically you need to systemize the routine and humanize the exceptions.

Start with the routine tasks that are done every day and WRITE THEM DOWN. Remember, everything that you do that you do not write down, you will have to do again!

Best Wishes,


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