Sell The Problem

Sell the Problem

Marvin Suwarso

Coach Marvin

In his blog, Seth Godin wrote about this on marketing your products or services: “No business buys a solution for a problem they don’t have.” In which he pointed out most marketers are only too eager to sell their features and benefits to prospects, even though they are not aware that they have that problem.

I suppose if we look at this from a Human Resources point of view, we could apply a slight twist to this. Let’s have a look the average job advertisement, it’ll probably say something like this: “Sales Manager needed, minimum five years’ experience in the same position, must have working knowledge of the industry. Join a rapidly growing company with great pay and great benefits.”

While this may get you plenty of applicants, how will you know if these guys will stick with you if times are tough or if a better offer comes in?

English adventurer Ernest Shackleton, set out to embark on ‘the biggest polar journey ever attempted’ in 1914. Unfortunately for Shackleton and his men, disaster struck and his ship was trapped in pack ice and slowly crushed. Shackleton and his crew managed to survive this and several other ordeals with no lives lost. An amazing feat in itself – no stories of mutiny or people eating others.

This is what can happen when you are able to assemble a team  that fit with your vision and culture. Shackleton knew that this was no ordinary trip, he wanted survivors, and those that thrived under pressure so when the going got tough, they knew they could perform. He wanted people who believed what he believed.

This was his ad that he posted in the London Times to look for his crew: ” Men wanted for Hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success.”

How does that compare with your job ad? Do you sell the benefits and features or do you sell the problems that your company is likely to face?

– Coach Marvin –

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