Are You Treating Your Repeat Customers Better Than Your New Customers?

Are You Treating Your Repeat Customers Better Than Your New Customers

Marvin Suwarso

Coach Marvin

In his book “First Break All The Rules” Marcus Buckingham spoke about how the best managers in the world play favorites. They treat their best employees differently than their other employees. This in itself is an interesting point, but I recently had a couple of experiences that really drove home the point for me – only this time in a different context: just how important it is to treat your repeat customers better than your new ones.

The first experience was with the regular gym that I used to go to (“used to” being the operative words). I have been a member there for a few years and and have regularly paid my dues in advance each year. Then came one point in time when my membership was up for renewal and I noticed they were running a promo for new members. New members get a discount, gifts, free training and a few other incentives. Does this offer apply to existing members? Nope. I had to pay full price and got none of the incentives. So I now go to a different place to work out …

The second experience was when my wife and I checked in to a hotel in Bali, Indonesia, the other week. We belong to the loyalty program of a hotel group, and this particular instance we chose to stay at one of their hotels. Much to our surprise, we were actually treated very differently than the other customers. Much better! They had two separate check in areas next to each other, so we did not have to wait in line as we enter , and upon sitting down at the check in desk, we were both treated to a 10 minute back massage as we enjoyed our welcome drinks. All this while the people on the other desk just looked on in envy (we did point toward the membership application form sheepishly). As we enjoyed our check in massage, the receptionist kindly told us all the benefits and discounts we’ll get during our stay as we are their members. And to top it off, as we got to our room, the doorbell rang and a welcome cake was delivered for us! I immediately renewed my membership to the loyalty program for another year…

Now both the gym and this hotel has made me want to tell all of my friends about my experiences – unfortunately for different reasons. How well do you know what the expectations are of your customers? How have you designed a process to make sure that you can deliver more than what is expected? How are you treating your loyal customers better than the new customers?

– Coach Marvin –

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