Why People Don’t Achieve Their Goals Each Year

Why People Don’t Achieve Their Goals Each Year

Marvin Suwarso

Coach Marvin

You know that feeling right? Approaching the end of the year and not having achieved all your goals. Unfortunately it’s a classic case with most businesses. Having too many priorities in one year results in none of them being done properly – and therefore no massive change in results.

Well, why not try something new this coming year? Why not just pick one thing that you need to focus on that will give you the impact on your results and then spend all your energy and laser focus on your priority for the next 12 months.

Here’s a quick tip on how to decide on your top priority item for the new year:
1) Make a list of all your priorities
2) Compare your first one to your second one to see which one is more important
3) Compare the more important on to your third one to see which one is more important
4) Continue the process until you find your most important one – that should be your Number One focus for next year.

Having defined your company’s top 1 priority for the next year, make sure you socialize it to everyone in your team and make sure they each have a top priority that is aligned with yours.

Have a fantastic year ahead!

– Coach Marvin –

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