Superskills Wins Best Culture at ActionCOACH South Jakarta’s Client Event!!


Entrepreneurs need more than great strategies to achieve business success.

PERMATA HIJAU, JAKARTA – A lot of business owners focus on getting results, but without putting the right culture in place, you may be working too hard.

At the recent client community event held on 8 March 2012, ActionCOACH South Jakarta awarded the Best Culture to Superskills, founded by Dale Mulholland.  Superskills is a dynamic soccer school for Indonesia’s youth.  As dynamic as the school he leads, Dale has demonstrated best attitude towards business, committed to an on-time attitude, and involved his team in the educational programs that his Coach provides. His team now helps him develop his business further, opening branches around Indonesia and abroad.

“Personally culture is the most important part of any business for the reason that culture is what gives your business meaning and quality of life.  For me business is not just about profit but it is how you profit.  And to profit by making the lives around you better, by lifting people up and empowering them, to actually create a product that is life enhancing is beyond just monetary profit.  It is the raison d’existence,” says Dale.

“You can know all the strategies, but without the right attitude and culture, you will struggle on the implementation,” Coach Marvin explains.  “Culture is an important part of coaching success.  The attitude of ownership and being disciplined enough to keep yourself accountable are the signs of a great client.  Dale certainly displays those things and inspires his team to embrace the same mindset.  The energy of winning and positive attitude of his employees is a reflection of that.”

As the entrepreneur wave keeps getting bigger in Indonesia, it’s important to realize that you need more than great business strategies to get great results.  It’s important to work on your attitude and company culture to enhance your unity as a team and therefore maximize your results.

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