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Coach Cahyadi

What is maturity? Is an old person automatically mature? Is a person with high education like MBA, DR, Ir, Drs, SE  surely mature?

Maturity is something to do with the balance of ratio and emotional, it is the degree of willingness to listen, accept new idea and also exchange his/her own idea, it is to do with openness and willingness to change for better life.

A maturity person has the following attitude:

1.      Willing to listen.

Listen and hear is different, a lot of people is just hearing what you say but not listening. Listening is to hear and understand the communication, digest it, compared with your own idea then feed back. Frequently, in our society, your position on the hierarchy  play an important role, and what ever the Boss says, the subordinate just say “Yes” without really understanding the communication, and they dare not ask (we do not even talk about counter) if they do not understand. What happen? Either the subordinate carry out the order wrongly or he/she does not bother to do it at all. The other side the Boss will be up set if the subordinate dare to question his idea, we frequently heard the statement: I have more experience than you, I eat salt more than you eat rich. Shut up!

2.      Open minded on new idea

Excellent idea can just pop up any time, anywhere, by any body. Life is much more easier if your subordinate can help you coming out with idea. But new idea never comes up if you do have an open mind, your subordinate quickly spot out what you want, if you close your mind, be prepare to be lone a ranger.

3.      Evaluate an issue from different angels

With the open-minded attitude, you will receive a lot of idea and feed back, you have a better chance to evaluate an issue from different angels hence a better chance to make the right decision.

 4.      Keep on learning

Confucius said “Walking with three people, one of them must be my teacher.” I remember reading an article written by Astra management early 80s, when they were sent to Toyota HQ for Quality Circle, a retire Toyota daily cleaner gave a session on Kaizen, he just told his story on how he improved his job i.e clean better and faster, he contributed idea to the board how to design the new building

so that it is easier to clean, the result is increase of productivity and a happy life. What do you think? A manager (who would be served as a small king here) is willing to learn from a old retired daily cleaner ?

Learning has nothing to do with age, hierarchy, place and time, you can virtually learn from every event, get the positive neglect the negative.

The more you learn, the more you aware that you knowledge is so low.

A mature personnel will always admit that he/she is stupid that is why he/she is listening, open minded and keep on learning.

Opposite way, a immature personnel will always feel that “I know better than you,” “don’t try to teach me,” “I am your boss, I decide everything.” What will be happen ? he/she will stay in his/her “kingdom” forever and with this fast moving world, the “kingdom” will disappear soon.

Especially in the business world, if you do not grow you shrink.

So keep on learning!

– Coach Cahyadi –

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