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There is a very important attitude which a successful sales executive must posses: PERSISTENCE. According the Oxford Dictionary of current English, persistence is the noun form of persist which means continue firmly or obstinately (in opinion, course of action, doing thing), especially in face of difficulty of objection.

Every success person must poses some degree of persistence to chase for the target, in the other word they are tough.

They are too many examples in the daily life, which show that a lot of intelligent, clever, sharp persons do not achieve any great success just because they are not persistence.  They failed not because of their I.Q. (ability, skill), they failed because of their mind set (or E.Q = Emotional Quotient, which reflect on their attitude and behavior), they give up too soon, worst they blame the environment that do not support them.

Success is a mind game

I like this slogan from Tag Heur, during a championship, when the skill is the same, the one who has the self confidence, positive mind set, determination and persistence character will win the match. It also happen in the real life, you cannot expect to have the best product in the world and sell the cheapest price in the market, whatever quality you create, competitor will chase up immediately. So it is more and more important that the one who is persistence will win the game.

Is persistence character inherited?

Actually, people are born with a high degree of persistence character, look at children, they will do all the best nagging to their parent to get what they want, they will not give up if the Mom say: No! for the first time, they will try again with different question, different situation to ask for the same thing again, if Mom still say: No Way!, they try another strategy to approach Dad with a different way again, and…most of them they successfully get what they want.

With the age growing up, and more experience on the daily life, especially they grow up in an environment (never up set people, obey, do not ask question culture) which is not conducive enough to build up tough and strong character, they start to lose their persistence behavior. Once they lose their persistence character, they start finding making thing happen is almost impossible, the worst they give up all together and only hope for the mercy for the others then ……another failure is added to the crowded world.

How to build up persistence character?

One of the job of a company is to support the people to accomplish their job, as I have discussed on the empowerment session, company should select the right people, train them well, support them in achieving the target. But most of the time, the support is not effective (taken for grant) since the people is not persistence enough to fight for their own target. They have a wrong expectation that company should help them to clean up their way (better if cover up with red carpet) so that they can run though quickly, any small stone which blocks them, they just simply stop their journey to success. Worst they start blaming the environment (here company) that they are not given the supports (vary from product quality, price, payment etc).

Success is a mind game, it depends on themselves, whatever support the company can provide, it will not help them to achieve their target unless they are persistence enough to fight/tough through the hindrances.

Problem is that the modern life make things too easy, too many easy choices, and most people  prefers to choose the easiest way (run away) to persistent/tough through the difficult process. And this situation does not train/shape a person to build up its persistent character.

Another serious problem is: If you once run away, you will always  run away. If you persistence, face the problem and solve it you will be successful.

– Coach Cahyadi –

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