You Can’t Teach a Donkey to Fly

you cant teach a donkey to fly

Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan

Coach Cahyadi

Most of the time, management try to spend a lot of energy, resource, money to keep training their existing people and expect them to perform. But my experience showed that select the right candidate is the key to success, and all those training should come from their own initiative……..I reflected from my own career, I asked for a specific training and course and got the result from all those course, but compared to my colleageous who got the chance to be sent for those course, their impact is little to none.

Now I encounter also as a Coach, not every body is ready to be coach, and if they are not ready, you just waste your time……..Just like Budha said: I can teach enlightenment, because the one who are enlighten or reaching the state of full awareness, he/she does not need me, but the one who is still in a “sleeping mood”, can’t hear what you say… it has to go through a process before people are ready to be coached.

Also, now all people are happy to achieve to the high standard, as they have their own standard, that is why You cannot teach a donkey to fly, a donkey is happy as a donkey, therefore it all start by looking for an eagle…

Therefore the famous empowerment in management will not work, if you do not have the right talent, and to boil the concept of empowerment to a simple state, it is just:

1. Select the right people

2. Train them well

3. Trust them

4. Control them

5. Reward them…….as simple as that.

–  Coach Cahyadi –

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