I’m suggesting that customers don’t buy you; YOU buy THEM. 

Cynthia Wihardja Busines Coach ActionCOACH

Coach Cynthia

You purchase customers through the investments you make in every marketing strategy. For most businesses, marketing is an expense.  But for a few smart business owners, marketing is truly an investment.  That means, for every dollar you invest, you get more dollars in return.  In fact, you can get an unlimited marketing budget if the profits from your first sale exceed the cost of buying customers. 

The main difference between business owners who SPEND on marketing vs the ones who INVEST is the level of measuring they do throughout their marketing process.

I was coaching a business owner who spent Rp 50 million/year advertising in a certain publication.  He had 70 clients at the beginning of the year and 70 of the same clients at the end of the year.  Through measuring, he finally realized that he’s never had any prospects calling in from that advertisement.  In fact, all his growth came from his existing customers.  His main marketing engine was the relationships he built with them and the variety of products he was able to provide to his network.

Unfortunately, his cashflow was not very healthy when I met him.  And spending Rp 50 million a year on useless advertising cost him the opportunity to bring in new product line for his customers.

Once we eliminated this advertisement, he was able to invest the money into bringing in new stock and making immediate profits selling it to his network.  The market didn’t miss his advertisement one bit.  In fact, in his business, people don’t even look at advertisements.  Investing his cashflow that year on stock and relationships, this smart business owner was able to increase his sales 60%.

Being more aware of the concept of investing in marketing and through other strategies in cashflow management, he was able to increase his sales up to 200% year to date.

Another business owner spends a lot of money on exhibitions.  As an electronics importer, this was one of his key marketing strategies.  Sounds good… until we measure!

Before coaching, he never calculated his marketing breakeven point.  He spent money on the booth, the team, the gimmicks, and the marketing materials… but he never calculated how many items he needed to sell to make break even.  In fact, after measuring, we discovered that the sales target he put on the team was LESS than the actual target needed for breakeven.

OMG, that means even though the team achieved the sales target, his business was still losing money.

Coaching him to realize his breakeven point and calculate this before every exhibition investment was the best thing that we could do to save his money.  Now targets are set above break even and his marketing manager is more aware of cost-efficiency in order to aim at a lower breakeven point for exhibitions.

Measuring is everything.  Marketing is not creativity.  Marketing is MATH.  No matter how nice the design of your marketing tools, you have to make sure that you know the numbers you need to make a return on investment.  If not, marketing becomes a COST that eats up the profits of your company.

Know your numbers, especially:

–       Acquisition Cost (Allowable & Investment)

–       Lifetime Value

–       Breakeven Point

We may talk about this in subsequent blogs or you can contact me for further information.

Digest the learning.  Enjoy the application.

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–  Coach Cynthia –

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