A Failure Report?

Cynthia Wihardja Busines Coach ActionCOACH

Coach Cynthia

We’ve heard about people writing a report about successes, but what about writing a report on failures?
During my vacation, I talked to a coach about how to review progress at the end of the year.  He told me about the Failure Report concept used in some companies to reviews all the mistakes you’ve done in the past year, the impact it created, the lessons learned, and what you would do next time.

It turns out to be an effective tool for business leaders to review and learn for the year ahead.

For some people it may be uncomfortable to do this.  Many try to forget their failures or sweep them under the carpet.  They try to stay positive by never reviewing their failures.  When you can see the Failure Report as a learning tool for growth and to prevent repeating the same mistakes, then it’s easier to start.

You learn to succeed by learning how you’ve failed.

–  Coach Cynthia –

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